Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 25: Amsterdam


Our last day.. Nooooooooooo!
We started with a canal bike ride, it was a lot of fun.. Especially as I wasn't pedalling! The boats were wet and it was drizzling but it was still fun! We played some bumper boats and got a bit lost!

After the boats we went to Anne Frank's house - very interesting but very sad :( I need to read the book properly now!

We then went shopping down the Kalverstratt, which was just a normal shopping street really. Went to McDonalds and had a burger called the McCrocket. It was wierd, but only available in Amsterdam..nice though.

Went back to the hotel to pack our suitcase, then went on a canal cruise to a floating chinese restaurant for our farewell dinner. Food wasn't great but the company was :)

After dinner we went on a bar crawl (after some coach dancing) and went to 3 bars, got some free shots, one had live music which was good.
Then we went to 2 clubs, both were really good!

I thought that I would be up all night partying hard, but everyone in our group went home early! I was sleeping by 2:30am! Ah well, back to London tomorrow : (

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Day 24: Germany (Rhine Valley) to Amsterdam


Had a great sleep all prepared for Amsterdam!! Yay! A planned 5 hour drive turned out to be awful! We got stuck in traffic for 5 hours alone!!

Unfortunately due to this we missed our bike ride in Amsterdam, our visit to a cheese factory in Edam and our visit to a clog maker's house :( oh well!

Got to the hotel which was sooo nice! A proper hotel and the bed was soooo comfortable! Had some random dinner in the hotel which I didn't like much, then we went onto the Red Light District to see a sex show!

Omg it was mad! Proper live sex in front of your eyes! Apparently all of the couples were actually couples and it was really fun as well. They pulled people from our group up to join in .. Not with the sex of course!!

After the show we went to a bar, I met loadsa british guys (!) Lol. Didn't stay out late, went to bed!
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Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 23: Switzerland to Germany (again) - Rhine Valley


Driving day.. Early wake up and I was soooo hungover, but I pulled through!
We stopped at a town called Heidelberg, which is apparently a very famous university and there was a church.

After more driving we went to a Beer Stein shop which had some really nice beer steins. Hand painted and 1 even had part of the Berlin wall on the top of it!

After that was dinner time in a random hotel, then we had wine tasting, which we DIDN'T have to spit out! It was the worst coz I was so hungover!

The hotel was really nice, I knocked out as soon as I laid down.. Needed recovery time!!
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Day 22: Switzerland


Today was an amazing day!
Went up Jangfrau mountain on a train which took 2 hours. Even though it was long, it was beautiful - snow topped mountains surrounding us, grassy slopes with cows with cow bells, beautiful weather!

When we got up there it was pretty cold and apparently we were 3571m/11,782ft high. We went to the Sphinx Terrassen view point on a MOUNTAIN and apparently we were at the top of Europe! It did make you feel a bit nauseus though - being at such a high altitude.

We went to the 'snow fun' part where there was beautiful snow, and hot sunshine - amazing! I went on the flying fox which was so fun! We also went to the Ice Palace which was a whole cave made out of ice, even the floor!

Anyway 2 hours later we were back at the accommodation. Had a nice dinner of burger and chips then got ready for our 'Swisco Disco' themed party tonight! I dressed the part and got drunk on pre drinks! Everyone was partying in the corridor instead of in the bar! Had a lot of fun today!!

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Day 21: Austrian Tyrol to Switzerland


Breakfast at 7:30, left at 8 for a very long drive! 1st stop, the Swarovski museum! It was really wierd in there, a mechanical room with dancing trousers and flying shirts, a huge beautiful crystal wall and wierd figures like a dancing sun and moon! Really loved it!

Next stop Leitchenstein - a country in its own right. We just ate something and walked around the shops.

Next stop Lucerne - a city in Switzerland, it was beautiful, a big river with swans and ducks, and be warned.. Switzerland is expensive!!

Got to the accommodation which was beautifully surrounded by mountains! Peaks with snow and sulphury looking waterfalls coming down them.

Dinner was nice - Fondue! :) then drinking time.. Went down to the bar which is actually a bomb shelter. I felt safe lol. Had a little dance, drank some wine and red bull shooters.. Good night :)
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Day 20: Austrian Tyrol


Had a nice long sleep ready for PARAGLIDING!! :)
After the best breakfast of beans, toast and hash browns I got ready to jump off a mountain!

At 11 we drove to the paragliding place, I was pretty nervous but tried not to think about it. We went to the top of a mountain in a cable car, it was soooo high! Got to the top, got strapped up to my flying partner and was told to run after the count of 3.

To cut a long story short I didn't run for long enough, fell over and got dragged down the mountain!! I actually thought I was gonna die! I sprained my wrist!

Anyway, attempt number 2 was good. I never felt so releived to be in the air! It was amazing! Just felt like sitting in mid air falling really slowly. He did circles in the air it felt like a rollercoaster!

Afterwards went to a restaurant and got lost lol, eventually found our accomodation and I went to sleep! I was seriously battered!

Woke up later and tried to go bar but it was shut, we just hung around outside for a bit drinking random alcohol and went bed :)

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 19: Munich to Austrian Tyrol


Today we go to the Austrian Tyrol for activities! Today was a boring day for me as I wasn't doing any activities today.

First up was white water rafting, which I was so happy I didn't do as it was pouring with rain. It looked like it would be fun though.

Next activity: Bobsledding! This looked fun but I'm also glad I didn't do this one as apparently it was really short and everyone got really bruised from it!

We got to our accomodation at around 8 and had a nice dinner of beef goulash, turkey schnitzel and apple strudel :)

Today I'm taking a rest day, there's a theme party on but I just had 2 big nights. The theme is stupid anyway: tightie whitie brighties or something!? Went to bed pretty early.
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