Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 11: Florence


After breakfast went into Florence and visited a Leather store where we learnt how leather jewellery boxes were made. Then we went on a walking tour around Florence, walked along a river, visited a church called Santa Croce, saw statues of Neptune, replica of the Statue of David, Percius etc. Visited a famous bridge called Ponte Vecchio..

Went for lunch ate a mozzarella salad (yum!) and went back to the campsite early to go in the pool - it was sooooo hot!!

Later that night we had our team photo :) and had a Tuscan meal with sooo many courses! We had Bruschetta, 3 types of pasta, pizza, wine, and icecreamy dessert! Mmm mmm!

Then we went to Space Disco!! It was fun! Good music, good vibes and pervey italian men lol :) oh and a few 'hook ups!' Haha (not me!!!)

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