Sunday, 24 July 2011

Day 3: PARIS!


Today was a big day!!
We went sightseeing in Paris but only had from 9am til 4pm so couldn't do everything.. There's so much to do! Its lucky we went on the Eiffel Tower last nite coz we would have spent the whole day waiting in the queue for it!

We went to the Louvre which was what I expected! I loved the pyramid structure :) we saw the Mona Lisa and the Venus de milo..
We also went to the Notre Dame cathedral - we wanted to just walk into the cathedral but we joined the wrong queue, and after we queued for like an hour we realised it was to climb up the tower! That was a KILLER!! So many stairs!! Nice view though.

We went to Dinner and I had French onion soup, which had a thick layer of cheese on the top! I also had Duck a l'orange for main and some kinda chocolate moussey brownie thing. Food was ok but it was very shambolic!

After dinner the rest of the group went to cabaret, but at 75 euros so early in the trip, I could live without it!! A few of us went on to a bar and the rest of the group joined us after the cabaret.

It was a mad night! Drank a lot and had a reallly good time! I'm liking the people :)

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